Ceal Floyer

Each year, a different contemporary artist is given the opportunity to use the façade of Neuen Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.), which links the exhibition space to the public space of the city, as a surface of intervention, developing a special project developed especially for the building. The outdoor projects operate directly in public space, promoting an active engagement with the urban surroundings, and inspire a debate on contemporary art and its aesthetic, social, and political implications. As of September 2018, the artist Ceal Floyer (born in 1968, lives in Berlin) will be using the façade of NBK to present his intervention. Ceal Floyer’s work has aspects of the absurd, which through the formal simplicity and stringency of her works is often multiplied. The artist questions not only our patterns of perception, but also the relationship between language, metaphors, and reality.
Curator: Kathrin Becker

Wed, 26 Sep, 18.00h
27 Sep 20181 Aug 2019

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