Caruso sings again

It all started with the gramophone. Then the shellac records came, one after another. And then the books - the knowledge and the wish to know even more. It is about beginnings - with the gramophone Enrico Caruso found his way into the living rooms of the world. He became the most famous tenor of the first half of the 20th century.

It is about an idea. And about exploring a story. Diving into bygone times. How did people rate Caruso back in those days, how do they rate him nowadays? Him and the gramophone? How is it to be that famous? And what does it mean to live for a voice?

Several different lecturers are expected for the Festival in Berlin which will be shown at three off spaces:
Copyright Berlin, urbar and Kronenboden, all located at Schwedenstraße 16.

„Caruso - Singer & Man“
„The gramophone and the recording techniques“
"Mario Lanza - the american Caruso“
We will have favourite dishes, film screenings and a lot of music.

Artists Names: Enrico Caruso, Herman Mishkin, Beat Presser, Karen Stuke u.A.

Wed, 31 Jan, 19.00h
31 Jan 201825 Feb 2018

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