[ { " C I B E L L E " ( C A V A L L I } B A S T O S ​ ​) ] - Finissage

Finissage & Performance

This edition of I am Hungry under the title [ { " C I B E L L E " ( C A V A L L I } B A S T O S ) ] is a co-production between Import Projects e.V. and Agora Collective e.V. and is funded by  CAPP-Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme.
Import Projects and Agora Collective worked with the artist Cibelle Cavalli Bastos to explore ‘deprogramming’, working on present and past aspects of self.

Cibelle Cavalli Bastos is occupied by constant self-reflective research into identity constructs and modes of ‘deprogramming’. During this 6-month Berlin residency at Agora Collective's studio space, the non-binary artist were placed into situations for auto-observation and have undergone daily self-analysis, confrontations with fragments from previous lives and residues of the self(selves).

The artist has been documenting the process, using instastories and live broadcasts via the @cibellecibelle account, a mirror aevetar or a closedloop reflection; what the artist calls ‘non-performance’ or ‘deprogramming’.
Cibelle uses this process to make sense of “malware” as a metaphor for our accretion of received prejudices. Cavalli Bastos states: “We function like some sort of computer that ends up getting a lot of malware installed without realising. Racism, sexism, classism: that’s all malware. We learn that shit and we need to get it out of our system. We need to deprogram.”

The ongoing ‘non-performance’ piece #aevtarperform started on January 2nd 2017, the artist’s birthday, and has, of yet, no date of conclusion. For this series of events of I AM HUNGRY, Cibelle has brought together mementos of their latest ‘deprogramming’  process.

Thu, 11 Jan, 20.00h22.00h
11 Jan 2018

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