Johanna Ackva | Out of Our Hands, with Anna Jarrige, Joshua Rutter and Johanna Ackva, 2019. Photo Max Hilsamer.

In conversation with:
Johanna Ackva – Dancer and Choreographer, Berlin


Johanna Ackva (1989, DE) works as dancer/ performer and choreographer. Collaborations and collective processes are central to her work, in which the body and its movements appear at the intersection of different lines of influence such as text, music, drawing, video and other materials. Her current interest moves around the roles and perceptions of death and dying within a societal context that is highly influenced by the ideas of security and profit. Besides an ongoing interview research, this topic also feeds into an upcoming piece, “Out of Our Hands” which will premiere in November 2019 at Tanzfabrik Berlin. Johanna Ackva studied anthropology and later on dance and choreography at Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin. Recently, she has been a guest teacher at Universität der Künste Berlin and performing with Nicole Wendel (CORHYTHM, Kunstraum Potsdam), Lea Martini & Dennis Deter (Eine Geschichte der Welt, Kampnagel Hamburg), and within Suddenly collective’s newest produc- tion ESPRIT (Tanzfabrik).


Yasmin Bassir was born 1989 in Tehran, Iran and lives and works in Berlin since 2011. She studied Visual Communication at the Tehran University of Art, Iran and graduated at the University of Fine Arts Berlin (Meisterschülerin) in 2019. Her work is articulated around multiple and long term existen- tial interrogations and a research with and around with Ceramics as a main material. Her work was shown in Berlin and Iran (Gallerie Wedding, UdK, South Beach, Iran, etc.). She is a receipient of the DAAD Grant, Berlin for final project from Universi- tät der Künste Berlin.

Wed, 23 Oct, 19.00h
23 Oct 2018

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