A Grain Within a Cloud of Dust

Gil Delindro, Untitled, 2016
Movement is a central motif in Gil Delindro‘s kinetic sculptures. The artist uses predominantly natural materials, working with them to render processes of change, touch and resonance acoustically perceptible. His works for A Grain Within a Cloud of Dust relate to his research at the Algerian-Moroccan border in the Sahara, where he used performative actions and experimental field recordings to approach a landscape that is extremely dry and inhospitable: reduced, and at the same time vast.
A Grain Within a Cloud of Dust is about the particles within the whole, the individual among the mass, individuality and repetition. Through this, the works touch on existential questions negotiated on a backdrop of non-human architectures, isolated geographies in which time, movement, event and silence enter into a different relationship with one another.
Through his use of sound and musicality, Gil Delindro extends an invitation to practice a countercultural form of perception that moves beyond great world events and their far-reaching consequences. This form of perception seeks out the political by fostering a sensibility for the reality of vibrant matter, and a respect for a world in which all forms of materiality appear to be animate.

Curated by Lena Johanna Reisner
Thu, 19 Jul, 19.00h
20 Jul 20182 Sep 2018

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