1 Jahr HilbertRaum


One year, 31 exhibitions and events, 127 artists.
The HilbertRaum celebrates his 1-year anniversary. To this occasion the HilbertRaum shows a group exhibition with works from Feriel Bendjama, David Benforado, Ellen DeElaine, Kuno Ebert, Niina Lehtonen Braun, Sandra Schlipkoeter, Tobias Sternberg, Nat Tafelmacher-Magnat, Hannah van Ginkel and Daniel Wiesenfeld. At the same time the works of the new HilbertRaum. artists Juan Arata, Eli Cornejo, Mathias Deutsch, Lena von Gödeke and Clemens Wilhelm will be presented.

Fri, 12 Feb, 18.00h
12 Feb 201614 Feb 2016

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