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  • by Nathan M., 9 Oct 2013
     While I was debating whether or not to review Starbucks as an artistic institution, Despina suggested it might be more fruitful to check out Döner shops instead—it would be much more Berlin! Up for the challenge, I eagerly biked to Kreuzberg to do some fieldwork. That was probably my first mistake....
  • Pantone Emerald Paint
    by Nathan M., 24 Sep 2013
    While we waited at Michael Janssen gallerie last week for John Baldessari to arrive (late, against all odds) at the preview reception, Meg Cranston, his work partner, filled us in on the collaborative pieces they had made for their show Real Painting (for Aunt Cora). The colors, she said, were intentionally...
  • by Despina Stokou, 16 Apr 2013
    Art fair season is upon us- the jet set, the name-dropping, the price-rising, the suspense, the champagne, the parties, the networking, the CELEBRITIES. Amongst the glamour, the VIPS, Eva&Adele, and the Press, there is a little army of Nobodies circling the booths like moths the light...Artists Anonymous. ...

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