• by bpigs team, 9 Dec 2020
    Graphic designer Kelly Moonkyung Choi’s typography project “Oncetype” is an art project that gives new functions to wooden printing type that has lost its original position today. einBuch #15 Oncetype Kelly Moonkyung Choi, 2018 - ongoing 280 letters Alphabet A to Z, Numbers,Exclamation...
  • Alles wird gut (Everything Will Be Alright), 2020 Simon Mullan
    by bpigs team, 21 Apr 2020
    Berlin galleries are stirring up again from the self-imposed quarantine as the State is now allowing non-essential businesses with spaces smaller than 800-square-meters (8,600 square feet) to reopen starting Monday, April 20. Galleries and visitors need to still adhere to strict social distancing rules while masks are...

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