Speed Portfolio Viewing II

BPIGS presents


Sunday 25. September 2011                                                                                                                                                            
 in L40, Verein zur Förderung von Kunst und Kultur am Rosa Luxemburg Platz e.V
Linien str 40

Bpigs is happy to organize the second Speed Portfolio Viewings. Based on the structure of speed dating, curators are invited to review artists’ portfolios in 10 short sessions of 12min each.

In a clean and friendly environment Bpigs brings together artists and curators who have not met yet and might appear of interest to eachother. The curators are chosen based on their variety of interests and practises. The artists are chosen based on their work and “compatability” with the participating curators. The curators stay, the artists rotate with their laptops, catalogues etc.

10 curators: Each curator reviews 10 portfolios.                                                                                                              
20 artists: Each artist meets at least 4 curators.

Participating Curators (UPDATED 13/9)
Anna Catharina Gebbers- independent Curator, Bibliothekswohnung
Annika Von Taube- Sleek Magazine
Valeska Hageney - Art Agency Berlin
Stefania Angelini- L’Atelier-Kunst(spiel)Raum 
Lauren Reid- independent curator (AUS)
Lorenzo Santoval- Altes Finanzamt Neukölln
Silvia Ploner- independent curator (IT)
Susanne Prinz - Verein zur Förderung von Kunst e.V. am Rosa-Luxemburg Platz
Sonja Ostermann & Matthew Burbidge - Essays & Observations
Colin Huerter - Horton Gallery
Kristin Trethewey - INDEX Festival / Independent Curator

For more information about the participating curators see attached file at the end.

Lutz Henke- Artitude 
Stefanie Gerke & Nele Heinevetter & Katharina Beckmann - Niche Berlin


Artists please send attached application form and a pdf with no more than 10 pictures to info@bpigs.com with the title line: Portfolio Viewing 2.
Please note there is an application fee of 10 euro.

Deadline is Monday 19.09 at 11:00

Contact: info@bpigs.com                                    

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