This September, ZONA DYNAMIC will combine three collaborative sound and video works as part of the exhibition and performance programme in the garden at GlogauAIR. The theme of 2017 is EMPOWERMENT and the selection of showcased work seeks to evoke critically and reflective engagement with belief systems as religion, rituals, ideology and contemporary patterns of collective thought.

ZONA DYNAMIC invites you to THE VOICE OF DOXA - a radiant one-night happening presenting an exhibition of non-tangible art matter jointly with a performance art program at GlogauAIR Project Space as part of the Berlin Art Week. Under the premise of the existence of a common belief system lies the concept of VOICE OF DOXA. DOXA has been given and taken the right to be perceived one with reasoning and, instead, fell into the realms of the belief. Tones of religious power, meditative states, motivational speeches. Here now, it became a sound, a spoken word on the verge of trance, the singing, the rhythm - voices of empowering cells and motives.

Artists: Yan Gi Cheng and Yuko Amanno, Vincent Chomaz, Gil Delindro, Eiliyas, Eliza Goldox, Natacha Mankowski und Resi Bender, B.P. Schuett, Fellipe Vergani, Sara Zaltash

Glogauer Straße 16, 10999 Berlin

Sat, 16 Sep, 18.00h23.00h
16 Sep 2017

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