Kuno Matthias Ebert

Chimera, pipe dreams, and bad thoughts.
The investment of time into my artistic practice has followed clarity about
the fleetingness of my life.
But life does not show any weight in its physical presence.
As if it were not there, it goes on forever; it seems the strongest force.
My work is about fragility (porcelain), sensitivities (cut paper), and
the magic of paint shining through space, placed on a white
background, almost without weight, seemingly bodiless - just like life.

Maria Bajt

When entering one of my installations I hope to activate the spectator,
making her or him a part of the installations material.
In my works I combine architectural dreamscapes and theater sets with
fragments of memories and representations of the subconsciousness.
I research and archive raw material for my works from various sources with
references to mythology, outsider art, archeology and cinema.
Themes overlap and create diverse layers of meaning.
It´s an ongoing search for spirituality and making sense of the world
around and within

Image + Credit: Maria Bajt, Kuno Ebert

Fri, 25 Nov, 18.00h
25 Nov 20164 Dec 2016

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