Writing While Walking

 © Mette Kit Jensen + C. Y. Frostholm

The joint exhibition by Mette Kit Jensen and C.Y. Frostholm, WRITING WHILE WALKING, at SCOTTY is a dialog between ways of reading and writing the city. From opposite corners of Europe the two Danish visual artists are approaching public space sideways and flaneuring.

In her work Circling the City Mette Kit Jensen employs an obstruction strategy inspired by psychogeography. On selected days during Documenta 14 (“Learning from Athens”) she tried to break the visitors‘ mapped out movements through the Greek capital by having a morning drink and going on a “tipsy walk” determined by the ring that her glass had marked on the map: Walks that brought her across diverse environments and parallel realities.

C.Y. Frostholm‘s photo and text installation A Model of a Mobile Library takes a cypress tree on a square in Lisbon as its starting point. The tree that is mentioned in a guidebook by the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa was once used as a public library, and threads are drawn between the city’s tradition for transportable libraries, Pessoa‘s many personas and addresses, and an attempt to do urban botanics.

While Jensen is meeting her surroundings spatially and performatively, Frostholm‘s approach is often via books and pictures. Both of the artists proceed step by step and with an eye for the absurd and the serendipity of the city space.
WRITING WHILE WALKING at SCOTTY is their first collaboration. A series of talks and walks will connect the show to surrounding Berlin streets. For more info on the artists check out www.mettekitjensen.dk and www.cyf.dk.

Supplementary program “Writing While Walking”:

C.Y. Frostholm: Talk/Reading, Saturday, 10.03.2018, 3 pm

The visual artist and poet C.Y. Frostholm will offer a tour in his ‘Model for a Mobile Library’ shown at the exhibition, and read excerpts from the texts included in the installation and The Tree Museum, a book on trees, cities and literature. The talk will be in English.

Daniela Lehmann Carrasco: Auto-ethnographic Walk, Saturday 17.03.2018, 3-6 pm. *OBS! Meeting point: U-Bahn (U7) - Rathaus Neukölln exit Boddinstraße

As part of the exhibition, Berlin-based artist Daniela Lehmann Carrasco will conduct a walk/intervention of her long-term project "Andreasplatz 5 / Kleine Andreasstraße 11" which deals with the emigration story of her family. Part of the family on her father’s side emigrated in 1937 from Berlin to Chile during the Nazi-periode. In 1974 her parents fled from Chile to Germany before the military dictatorship.The artist has created an autoethnographic path in Berlin and Santiago de Chile, and in her walks/interventions she marks certain places where family members use to live or still lives, and which have played significant role in the life of the family, with ceramic pieces. The main focus in Berlin is on Ruth Jacob Levy and Wilhelm Lehmann, the grandparents of the Jewish-Protestant family.Reconstruction: Natalie Nelly Gordon (born Jacob) Philipp Gordon & Flora Gordon (Florchen) The conversations during the interventions will be recorded and subsequently used for a film. Daniela Lehmann Carrasco is born in Santiago de Chile and lives in Berlin. She studied art history and philosophy at the Johann-Wolfgang-von-Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main and film and fine art at the Academy of Fine Arts Hamburg.

Mette Kit Jensen - Tipsy Walk Kreuzberg, Saturday 14.04.2018 3-7 pm

Mette Kit Jensen will invite visitors on a Tipsy Walk in Kreuzberg. Tipsy Walks is a series of participatory performances, that via a random principle interact with urban and local areas. The project is adapted each time to the place and situation and starts with a performative instruction.
This time the trip will begin in SCOTTY.
The main ingredients are a stack of maps of the area in question and a large collection of various glasses and alcohol and juice in different colours.
The concept is constantly and dynamic evolving, inspired by places and participants.

Fri, 9 Mar, 19.00h
10 Mar 201814 Apr 2018

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