Word to image, curated by Susanne Schirdewahn

with Anke Becker, Nina Ansari, Ina Geissler, Oliver Mark, Via Lewandowsky, Cornelia Renz, Leander Haußmann, Markus Keibel, HP Adamski, Susanne Schirdewahn
What connection do image and word have with each other today, when we have long resigned ourselves to the fact, that an image is no longer what we thought we expected or that a word no longer describes what we hoped for. In times of misunderstandings and often missing intermediate tones, emojis and emoticons were invented to bridge these gaps. Through the possibilities of the fast spreading of pictures and information on the Internet an "excitement culture" (Matthias Horx) has developed, in which one is just as fast ready to react emotionally and exaggeratedly. So what role do images and words play in our perception and how do we use them, or rather, how are we used by them? The group exhibition questions our relationship to it today and spans an arc from its dramatic origins (theatre) to the poetic dimension of inconsistencies.

-       February 23, 2019, 3pm


-       March 23, 2019, 3pm


Fri, 25 Jan, 19.00h
26 Jan 201924 Mar 2019

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