Organised by Constantin Hartenstein, UdK Filminstitut
with Shiwa Ghanbari, Anastasia Hafermaas, Julie Hart, Häly Heinecker, Christina Huber, Anna Ilin, Jason Jo Michael Kittner, Alexander Klaubert, Selina Laut, Zuki Ringart, Liese Schmidt, Maxim Tur, Clarissa Maria Undritz, Hedi Yatouji.

Restricted visit conditions: 2 pers. at a time, with face mask and outside 1,5m distance rule

For its last event of the season, Display hosts WELTUNTERGANG, an exhibition organised by the UdK Filminstitut Berlin. The exhibited works result from the eponymous seminar held by Constantin Hartenstein at UdK's Institute of Time-Based Media (IZM).

As a starting point for an extreme model of thought, imagine this: ALL relevant energy resources on earth have been used up. Electricity per se is nonexistent. All hard drives, projectors, cameras and technical devices can only be used to a very limited extent. In this neo-surreal set-up, the participants of the seminar developed their own artistic works without the use of any electricity for production and presentation. The exhibition space is operated entirely without electricity.

Due to life-changing cuts in the current, own filmmaking process and limited availability of means of production, how can we rethink "the cinematic" realm? What is "the new normal" in film? And how can (moving) images exceed their medium?


Live performances by Häly Heinecker/Clarissa Maria Undritz/Hedi Yatouji as well as Selina Laut take place at the opening night. Please arrive early.

Organizational Assistance: Deniz Simsek
Curatorial Advisor: Marie du Pasquier
Design Invite: Max Quecke

Fri, 3 Jul, 18.00h21.00h
3 Jul 20205 Jul 2020

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