Welcome to Prosumerism

The first solo show by PUNK IS DADA welcomes you to the ideology of Prosumerism; first coined by the futurologist Alvin Toffler 1980 the term “prosumer” is the blurred role between a producer and consumer.

Advancement in technology has enabled the unskilled masses to become the creators of the content that other consumers can enjoy, share, rate, remix and upload. Before the birth of the Internet: one of the most important tools in the prosumer lifestyle. Consumers were a passive force digesting the spectacle provided in culture, politics or capital.

PUNK IS DADA investigates the phenomenon of youtube and celebrity gossip shows, in these new works, using the techniques available to the prosumer of today in a series of sculptures and sound installations.

Alongside the exhibition there will be an International DIY Zine fair, adding another layer to the concept of the Prosumer this usage combines the roles of producer and consumer to exclude the role of the corporate producer.


Fri, 13 Dec, 19.00h
13 Dec 2013

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