We would like to announce our upcoming exhibition 'VOLATILE TRUTHS'  — a group show that is searching for what lies between

with works by
Kim Albrecht
Jerry Galle
Jerzy Goliszewski
Carmen von Kende
Vikenti Komitski
Jan Robert Leegte
Anna Nazo
Marcelina Wellmer

In the past, humanity’s inherent curiosity has lead it to seek for an ‘absolute truth’. Confronted with an unfiltered information overload on a daily basis we are seeking refuge in our social echo chambers of both our physical as well as virtual selves. This echo chamber’s architecture is such that echoes back our pre-configured view of the world.

Can we still speak of “facts” when they no longer provide us with a reality that we all agree on? Does that mean that we shouldn’t care about the truth and it’s contextualisation at all? Is the classical intent of truth outworn, does it need to be redefined, should we rather uproar or should we let this realisation make us nihilistic and condemn all constructs holding truth (including post-truth) to be ‘manufactured truth’?

‘Volatile Truths’ positions itself in this conjuncture. The chosen works are representation, installations, performance, paintings and sculptures of perspectives on truths, in which we strive to position the seekers within the volatility of the truth and it’s contemporary manifestations and malleabilities.

10 Nov – 19:00 h
with a Live Performance by Anna Nazo - 20h

Fri, 10 Nov, 19.00h
11 Nov 20179 Dec 2017

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