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A performance with audio/video projection and live drawing by the Dutch artist Madelon Hooykaas.

The performance sequence started on September 28 2017 in Venice and continued on December 21 in Amsterdam. The subject of the performances ‘Virtual Walls’ is the upset balance between the numbers of tourists and the residents of both cities.
With the event ‘Real Walls’ at the project space Scotty, the artist is questioning the function of walls nowadays. Are walls to protect ourselves from outside dangers or are they there also to stop our own aggression? And are we creating with the current refuge problem a new Fort Europa? For Berlin, where a wall played such a prominent role for a long time, this performance will be even more relevant and I hope that the public becomes more conscious of walls around the world at the present moment.

Madelon Hooykaas is an international known visual artist, performer and  lm maker based in Amsterdam. She worked in collaboration with the Scottish artist Elsa Stans eld from 1972 untill 2004 when Elsa unexpected died.They are known as European video pioneers and their work is in the collection of mayor museum as Moma NewYork,Tate Gallery, London, Stedelijk Museum,Amsterdam.They participated in many solo and group exhibitions around the world,in NewYork,Montreal,Tokyo,and Sydney.Since 2007 Madelon continues the work under her own name.
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Fri, 23 Feb, 19.00h

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