Mariel Poppe - painting, lithograph
Héctor Velázquez Gutiérrez

To get tangled up means: being involved, being trapped, to entangle oneself. To get tangled up also means: to unite, to wrap around, to weave loose ends together. To make a thread out of fibers, knot a strand out of threads, make a web out of strands. A web that can span the entire world with only a small amount of tangible material and an immense abundance of blank space such as filaments and voids.
(Un)visible moments of exchange of inside and outside, lost connections, mycelium-like thought structures, as well as various forms of (emotional) knots, confusions, and indurations, link the work of Poppe and Velazquez. The focus of both artists is the experience of a humanly sensuous – and "meaningful" – body, and the thereby associated exploration of the limits of its state of being. This is being explored in a formal and substantive dialogue of drawing, latex object, and sculpture.
Each individual work creates an echo between itself and every other work in the room, the perceived self and the other. The possible variety of resonance lies with the viewer. White, Black, Red, Light, Dark, Skin.

special opening hour during Gallery Weekend 

Friday 26 April: 18-21 h
Saturday 27 / Sunday 28 April: 14-19 h

Fri, 5 Apr, 19.00h21.00h
6 Apr 201924 May 2019

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