Verfremdet=Neu erfunden

Papi's Pistole no 5, 2012, Tobias Sternberg

Next to his virtuous big sisters Figuration and Documentation, and with a hand in the pocket of his sincere older brother Abstraction, stands the cheeky little brat Distortion, already planning his next mischief. He is usually late for family gatherings, never getting the attention he feels he deserves, but on the other hand he also skips out on boring lectures and seminars about form and intention. His thing is much more to collect the old stubs after the drawing lessons of the others, or to steal their bags and swap the content around, or just to pull down the pants of the idealized model to reveal its hairy legs. Always hard to hold down and define, school masters and academics never manage to make him sit still and therefore tend to pass him over, but at lunch break the other kids gather round to hear his latest joke or gossip.

Artists Names: Al Farrow, Bettina Hutschek, Rebecca Loyche, K G Nilson, Jodi Rose, Tobias Sternberg and more...

Fri, 11 Sep, 18.00h
11 Sep 201520 Sep 2015

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