Un_Touchable, Group Exhibition


with Sico Carlier (NL) - Youcef Hadjazi (UK) - Anna Jermolaewa (DE) - Ivan LOZANO (US) - Pedro Matias (NL) - Michael Sven Meier (DE) - Andrew McPhail (CA) - Melissa  Steckbauer (DE)

Featuring the work of 8 international artists, the Un_Touchable exhibition deals with themes of memory, desire, intimacy, vulnerability, and contagion. Employing artistic media such as video, photography, installation, the show explores a sense of deja-vu that connects our time with earlier fragile periods, evoking a poignant and sensitive nimbus of contemporary feelings. 

The term “untouchable” is often used concerning beauty, disease, and/or class. Something desirable that is represented virtually, unreachable across time and space -as in art or in erotica- is also untouchable. Building on these associations, the Un_Touchable exhibition conjures a restive and conflicted state of mind, between longing and anxiety, drawing on, and responding to the mediatization of desire and disease.

The presented works circle the sense of uncertainty and deja-vu that connects pandemic times by using video, photography, installation and other means to create an imaginative, associative nimbus where memory, imagination and speculation can converge in a free-floating way. In Un_Touchable, the works are given an open, respecting framework that gives free rein to the various works’ individual concerns, strong aesthetic and sensory impact. The joint emanations of the various artistic positions may evoke a poignant, and thoughtful state of mind.

Un_Touchable is a part of a recurring exhibition series that is dedicated to exploring the mediatization of sexuality, coinciding with the Berlin PornFilmFestival. Responding to the current pandemic, the project is extended into the virtual realm with online manifestations such as virtual artist’s talks, video interviews, and social media projects addressing the increasing needs for accessibility and human connection. 

Tuesday - Saturday, 2 - 7 pm, entry free
There will be no opening reception. RSVP required by emailing somos@somos-arts.org or through the website form on www.somos-arts.org

Taking precautions to protect the health of our patrons and staff, SomoS asks that all visitors to the gallery wear face masks and maintain a distance of at least 1,5 meters. For this exhibition, we can only welcome a limited amount of visitors at the same time. Please schedule a visit by emailing somos@somos-arts.org or using the form below.

Visitor’s phone no. and email address are collected according to local health regulations. Your data will be treated confidentially, stored securely, and deleted 3 weeks after your visit.

Tue, 20 Oct, 14.00h
20 Oct 202031 Oct 2020

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