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with Ruben Aubrecht, Naz Balkaya, Jan Bernstein, Benjamin Blaquart, Marianne Brepohl, Paula van Brummelen, Beatrice Celli, Daniel Chluba, Mark Dion, Polina Egorushkina, Jonas Etter, Lucius Fekonja, Charlene Galea, Andreas Gehrke, Eva Gentner, Stanislav Ginzburg, Miriam Growald, Constantin Hartenstein, Susi Hinz, Sophia Hörmann, Laura Horelli, Sonja Hornung, Johanna Jaeger, Torben Jost, Tilman Kanitz, Agnieszka Karasch, Armin Keplinger, Pascale Komarnicki, Saskia Krafft, Aron Lesnik, Pia Linz, Hanne Lippard, Jonas Lund, Michal Martychowiec, Yan Gi Cheng & Rei Matsushima, Ulrike Mohr, Silvia Noronha, Brooklyn J. Pakathi, Minh Duc Pham, Peter Piller, Sasha Pohflepp, Tabita Rezaire, Christian Schellenberger, Nina Schuiki, Bogosi Sekhukuni, Dina Shneider, Anton Steenbock, Inia Steinbach, Oliver Thie, Charles Thorburn, Philip Topolovac, Lapatsch I Unger, Lilo Viehweg, Nicole Wendel, Markus Wirthmann, Chris Woebcken, Lauryn Youden and many more

The exhibition festival unselect is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Kleine Humboldt Galerie's curatorial practice at Lichthof Ost, please visit the website for more information

Fri, 12 Jul, 18.30h
12 Jul 201921 Jul 2019

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