Unrelaxed Behaviour

UNRELAXED BEHAVIOUR is an exploration of the nervousness and anxiety that is triggered by the omnipresence of digital social networks in our daily life. Molly Rose Dyson and Shay Yacinton Ariely are both students of Visual Communication at Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin and for this exhibition have produced a series of screen prints on fabric and paper.

Shay's work quotes moments, phrases and comments from dating app encounters. Her prints capture the absurdity of profiles and chats when removed from their original contexts.

Molly's hieroglyphic images pull together narratives through their interactions. Like the algorithms of a news feed, the aggregated content seems random, but on closer inspection sequences begin to appear.

Fri, 17 Mar, 19.00h
18 Mar 201719 Mar 2017

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