Undisciplinary Learning – Remapping the Aesthetics of Resistance.

at DISTRICT and at other locations in Berlin \Stadt \City Tempelhof, Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Schöneberg

Undisciplinary Learning takes the novel The Aesthetic of Resistance by
Peter Weiss (1916-1982) as an impetus to question current knowledge politics at the intersection of artistic, political, and pedagogical practices. In the exhibition, urban interventions, encounters and conversations, education is probed as a mode of political imagination that recognizes heterogeneous forms of knowledge and integrates the body, the city, relationships, and the environment as places of learning. Undisciplinary Learning thereby maps artistic approaches focusing on self-empowering pedagogies – especially from feminist, queer, and decolonial contexts – that radically question hegemonic cultures of knowledge.

Curated by Janine Halka, Suza Husse, Julia Lazarus.
Credit for the Undisciplinary Learning Motive:
Undisciplinary Learning. Design: Daniela Burger, 2016

Credit for the jpg "anais&nathalie...": Squat Monument | 2016 | Nathalie Anguezomo Mba Bikoro & Anaïs Héraud-Louisadat

Artists: Luis Berríos-Negrón, Ha Za Vu Zu, Naomi Hennig, Stine Marie Jacobsen, Vladan Jeremić & Rena Raedle & Ina Wudtke, Frida Klingberg,
 Ins A Kromminga & Jannik Franzen, KUNCI Cultural Studies Center, Julia Lazarus, Achim Lengerer, Method Fund, Gabriel Rossell Santillán, RYBN.ORG, Lerato Shadi, Andreas Wutz Scenography: Luis Berríos-Negrón

Fri, 9 Sep
9 Sep 201619 Nov 2016

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