à travers la tête

2017 in Stella Hamberg’s studio, a hall next to the Skulpturengiesserei in Berlin. Two unconnected bronze legs loom up some 2.3 meters into space out of a base plate. Rough surfaces alternate with distinctly structured ones. The statement is loud, almost blatant. The two steles end at waist level, widening toward the top. The gap between the columns, a narrow line of light, draws one’s attention to both the figure’s surrounding and internal spaces. It stands securely on suggested feet pointed in different directions, yet appears to resolve itself into pure contrast with the surrounding space...

In these new works the sculptural vocabulary has been simplified, reduced to essences. Detailed execution has disappeared in favor of structure as such, and with the decision to employ plaster and wood instead of clay and iron in the sculptures’ composition the methods have fundamentally changed. 

The juxtaposition of ephemeral and long-lasting materials – bronze, glass, wood, plaster, iron, cardboard, artificial and natural stone, along with objects of everyday use, both industrially produced and handcrafted – in itself touches on core artistic issues. But here it is never exclusively a conceptual combination based on a sensitivity to materials and formal concerns. Hamberg’s works remain close to the figure, to narrative, the object, and in her highly effective treatment of the various forms and of synthetic and natural materials, both intensively worked and raw, create an altogether idiosyncratic, inscrutable poetry. 

Thu, 9 Nov, 17.00h21.00h
9 Nov 201720 Dec 2017

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