Alexander Bühler and Stefanie Bühler

HilbertRaum is proud to present Transmitter, an exhibition of two Berlin-based artists. While their works are the result of two
very different studio practices, they share a core of concern with the ways in which knowledge is acquired, how information is
turned into meaning, and the ways that materials and images contain and emit signals that we attempt to process both collectively
and individually.

Stefanie Bühler creates models and forms that seem extracted from a natural world close to ours but not quite the one we know.
Her objects are both familiar and strange, capturing our sense of the geology and geography of the world perfectly in one moment
and then rendering it unreal in the next. In this way her objects embrace the potential and desire for understanding the world through
modeling as well as the limitation and futility of that representation.

In his installation and photographs, Alexander Bühler constructs another kind of model, a collection of moments and pieces from the
flow of people and communication that is unceasing and sometimes indistinguishable in our movements between places, cultures, and
languages. Drawing on remnants of the systems that structure our experience – economy, transportation, politics, social strata, language,
technology, and others – Alex brings those experiences into the studio and then the gallery, first for his analysis and then ours.

Curated by Andy Holtin and Tracey Snelling.

Fri, 7 Jul, 18.00h22.00h
7 Jul 201716 Jul 2017

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