The Antimatter Factory

Antimatter Factory

An exhibition with works by Christine Niehoff, Ines Rebelo and Anne Wölk

Antimatter has long been famous for being the fuel used to propel starship Enterprise through the universe in STAR TREK. Now NASA scientists are working on a 'real' antimatter space rocket to go to Mars. And fiction might just become reality.

The Antimatter Factory brings together the works of three visual artists and a writer, who – just like the application spectrum of antimatter - operate somewhere between fact and fiction, in an area where serious research meets humour and imagination.The artists combine research material from a wide variety of sources in their work in order to question our view of the world and understanding of reality and normality. These source range from trivial to high literature, from scientific books and articles to popular science.

Visions of the future in science fiction have often proved to be truly visionary and frighteningly accurate in retrospect. If they didn't get the details right they nevertheless often provided very revealing insights into social aspects. Almost always they open our eyes to the present and what is wrong with it. Via the detour of the future the genre of science fiction allows the artists in the show to comment on the present.

Fri, 10 Apr, 19.00h
11 Apr 20159 May 2015

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