The Age of Mankind - We create a new epoch of the Earth

Our way of life is creating a new age in the history of the planet: the age of the human, or the Anthropocene. Modern man is present from the deepest ocean to the edge of the atmosphere and has an effect on the course of evolution.

Human activity will continue to be visible in the distant future. New geological structures form our agrarian landscapes and cities of glass and concrete. Driving, flying, and product shipping all contribute to global warming. Plastic and other artificial materials as well as radioactive elements are omnipresent in the biosphere, and many of them will be long-lived through many geological periods. Using objects, photographs, painting, prints and drawings, video, and sound, the artists in this exhibition show their critical view of this process, complemented by a conversation with the artist and a scholarly lecture.
Curated by: Tom Albrecht, Robert Günther

Opening: 13 SEP, 19 with Matthias Pfister: „Bilder aus der Quetschkommode“

Opening Hours:  15-19, 16 SEP 13-16

Tue, 13 Sep, 19.00h
16 Sep 20164 Nov 2016

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