Texture - Thought-Space - Typewriter

(c) Jole Wilcke

hunger :: Offensive für Denkbilder und Kommunikation
Artists: Thomas Brinkmann, Michel Chevalier, Robert Engelhardt, Eckhard Hammel, Marisa Maza, Gerald Vincenz, Steffi Weismann, Jole Wilcke, n.n.

The initiative hunger :: Offensive für Denkbilder und Kommunikation is a discursive WORKSHOP with no fixed location. It was founded in Berlin by Jole Wilcke in May, 2018. The project-space Scotty has invited hunger :: to mount an exhibition in its location: „Texture – Thought-Space – Typewriter“ is the result, featuring several artists. The exhibition opens up political, private, and public spaces of thought stemming from a wide range of perspectives. The approaches share a restless retrieval of things, a tracking-down of images from very different situations and contexts, leading not only to communication but also to flashes of insight. Materials will include both 'found' and specifically constituted thought-images using text, music, photography, performance – each of these displaying a process-oriented or nonlinear character.

Serving as a catalyst, an original Rheinmetall long carriage (64 cm) typewriter will be available in the space as a collective reflection-machine and tool for discourse. Side by side with the works of the featured artists, the typewriter occupies its own level of the exhibition. With its rolls of type-ready paper, it is a writing machine ready to make its contribution to further thought-images and works of thought.

Fri, 27 Sep, 19.00h
28 Sep 201919 Oct 2019

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