Suspended: Not an Object But a Subject

Artists: Cengiz Tekin, Fırat Engin, Ceyda Pirali, Fırat Bingöl, Ulaş Çıbuk, Şehnaz Layıkel, Çiğdem Üçüncü (group show of Turkish artists)

This exhibtion is stimulated by the shift in EU strategy to expand its border security to “safe countries of origin”. It raises question about the current refugee policy.
SCOTTY is hosting seven Turkish artists, who have dedicated themselves to themes including human rights violations and treatment of minorities . In their current work they reflect on the arrangement between the EU and Turkey, its historical background and its ramifications. The artists focus in particular on the ongoing negotiations between Turkey and Germany, visa exemption versus repatriation and support of refugees. The treaty ignores the fact that Turkey has declared martial law and conditions in the eastern part of the country resemble those of civil war. Instead, Turkey is being declared “secure” to legally receive deported refugees. The arrangement between Turkey and the EU is being viewed as a blueprint for similar treaties with countries of origin and those that allow transit.

This exhibition at SCOTTY is a further installment in the ongoing series dedicated to “flight” and refugees.

Fri, 11 Nov, 19.00h
12 Oct 20163 Dec 2016

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