Studio Berlin CN/DE/HK

Studio Berlin  CN/DE/HK

Group exhibition:
Marie Luise Birkholz | Emi Maria Bohacek | Paul Darius | Jan Fiege | Klaas Hübner | Thomas Korn | Him Lo | Sebastian Omatsch | Sebastian Siechold | Daniel Stammet | Janin Walter | Sampson Wong | Wen Yau | Liu Yin | Josh Zielinski

The exhibition component of Studio Berlin is conceived as an exchange, in which the participating artists will work together to negotiate similarities and differences, alien and familiar perspectives on the city of Berlin. Testing the productive potential of both abstract and experiential approaches to place, the project will compare and contrast some of the key conditions of artistic life in Europe and China – building upon the reciprocal residency experiences.


Fri, 27 Jun, 19.00h
27 Jun 201410 Jul 2014

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