Still, Moving, Materialized

Eelco Brand, 6movi, 2013, digital animation and steel sculpture Courtesey of DAM Gallery Berlin

More then 10 years ago, the artist Eelco Brand from the Netherlands, became interested in the possibilities of 3-D animation. As a painter, he began to research the specific characteristics of this new medium and created his first pictures. Soon after he developed short animations which didn't have a narrative thread. In just 90 seconds everything is told and it starts from scratch. This animated paintings, as you could call them, became his trademark. The interplay of a familiar scenery and an often surprising twist was specially tempting for him. Like in one of his most recent animations where we look at a winter scenery of trees, lighted by a street lamp, until the glass of the lamp turns red, melts and shatters with a clank on the floor. As if the the artist is saying: Don't trust what you believe to be seeing.

In the most recent years you could observe Brand's artworks moving towards materialization of the virtual content. It all began with a large sculpture project in Korea. The familiar forms from his 3-D pictures became real objects in the urban environment. Following that, he developed installations, which combined animation and sculpture. The newest piece is shown in the exhibition, where an “unreal” form is placed in front of the animation in the gallery space.

His recurring criticism on environmental topics is still an issue, which he deals with since long . But sometimes his artworks just remind us of the beauty of nature, which he creates in an unbearable perfection in virtual space.

Tue, 31 Mar, 19.00h
31 Mar 201523 May 2015

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