Sticky Stage

Discoteca Flaming Star, Sticky Stage, Performance at SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art, Montreal, 2016, Photo: Alex Robichaud.

Discoteca Flaming Star
(CGB, WM, Sara Pereira)
Installation in the making towards, during and after
20 May, 7 pm

Discoteca Flaming Star present wonderful songs of love, consumption, fervor and feminism. In the performance Sticky Stage the interdisciplinary collective proposes a rehearsal situation within a dystopian landscape mixed with a musical soundtrack. The musical rehearsal includes poems, melodies and songs from different sources: from Jules Dassins film The Rehearsal (1974) to Lana del Rey, Roxy Music, Virgin Prunes, Frederico García Lorca, Jimmy Scott and Rihanna. DFS builds a temporary space in which to take up our fatigue and our dreams in order to approach a tender imagination.

The performance is approximately 14 h long – going over night – and is an invitation to sleep in and on a stage suggested as a crossing of stages. (Bring sleeping bags, pillows, shelter, for the night…)

Sat, 20 May, 19.00h
10 May 20173 Jun 2017

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