Sorgen (International ) - Vol. 4

question by kappenfreak83:
How well is the cap manufactured?

Karinarink1 answered:
it's kinda okay, you get what you can expect for that price.
question by jkoenig81:
Does anyone wear this cap to play tennis and can tell me if it’s okay and also whether I should rather choose a light color?

Ninaberlin answered:
If this answer can influence your purchase decision, I would like to answer your question with a yes. I have worn the cap many times while playing tennis and can confirm that it is very well suited for that.

question by siroliver82:
Stupid question ... can one remove the S(I) logo without having any residues?

Doreen Schumann answered:
Sorry, I had the wrong cap in my hand. I looked at the cap again. The sign is provided with barbs which are hooked into the fabric. I suspect that the hole is slightly larger if you remove it.

question by LukasFash:
Is this an authentic Sorgen (International) cap (original) or fake?

Lev Khay answered:
I do not know but think 99% authentic

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