Right On!

A show by Skye Chamberlain, Brock Enright, Halina Kliem, Piotr Łakomy, Haley Mellin, Amy Yao, Torben Ribe, Emmy Skensved & BFFA3AE - Best Friends Forever And 3ver And Ever

Like “ok". A positive response to an event.
Friend: The Polke exhibition at MoMA was one of the most impressive  I’ve ever seen
You: Right On!


Friend: Dude, I’m getting some really good herb today!
You: Right On!


Used to express solidarity.
Guy: Being black isn’t easy, right?
Rakim: You’re not black dude!
Guy: Right On!


A phrase used when you are not really paying attention, but don’t want to give it away
Burt: I went to the coolest country concert last night and Dolly
Parton was rocking so hard her boobs almost felt out.
Jonny: Right on!


Fri, 13 Jun, 18.00h
13 Jun 201425 Jul 2014

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