Reflection and Appearance, a Relation-Position Project positions in art, science and literature

Spiegelung/Schein, courtesy by G.A.S-station

“The whole is not more than the sum of its parts, but something entirely different.”

The relation-position project refers to this thesis and with its corresponding theme of appearance and reflection attempts to visualise the connection between relative references and their possibilities of interpretation via its organically growing development process.

A literary sculpture provides the initial impulse. The poem engraved in the language sculpture’s translucent plates, its shadows and reflections allow for multiple interpretations and offer many starting points on the topic Schein und Spiegelung. This inertial impulse’s translucent quality prompts the contributors to take up position and create a new, independent work.

15—17 SEPT: 1—4pm

Thu, 14 Sep, 19.00h
15 Sep 201717 Sep 2017

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