Untitled, copyright: Brian Morrow

Group exhibition with works by Mario Asef, Mona Babl, Charlotte Bastian, Nina Kluth, Robert Lanz, Daniela Lehmann Carrasco, Brian Morrow, Funda Özgünaydin, Michael Pfisterer, Alexandra Schlund, Nadja Schöllhammer, Erik Smith, Kerstin Stoll, Katinka Theis, Andrea Übelacker, Sandra Wrampelmeyer

How is rebellion manifested? What can and should rebellion be?

What is there to rebel against? And how? With a small gesture or a major action? With utmost seriousness or with wit?

Centered on the theme of REBELLION, this exhibition project combines the necessity and desire to rebel with the notion of the artwork’s subversive power. There are plenty of reasons for rebelling: entrenched thinking, conformity, the “laws of the market,” hate and violence, separatism, environmental destruction, disregard for the dignity of man and animal...the list could go on and on.

Employing its own language, art seeks to portray reality differently or to depict another reality in order to bring something new to light.

SCOTTY presents the work of artists who reflect on rebellion in a wide variety of ways, on what is worth rebelling for or against. On what rebellion might look like, and what impact it might have.

The exhibition is accompanied by evening events at the SCOTTY project space, including film-screenings, music acts, and performances.

Gallery Weekend: Sat and Sun, 29.04./30.04.2017:  2-7pm

Film screenings:
"Art War" 29. April, 8:30 pm
"flüstern & SCHREIEN" am 11. May, 8:45 pm

Fri, 28 Apr, 19.00h
29 Apr 201710 Jun 2017

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