Positions Berlin-Art Fair 2017

POSITIONS BERLIN Art Fair 2015. Foto: Oana Popa (Foto von Kulturprojekte beauftragt, copyright bei KPB)

Held this year for the fourth time, POSITIONS BERLIN Art Fair returns to Arena Berlin. From 14–17 September the fair will once again be showing what is important in the international art world. discoveries and rediscoveries, quality and a discourse that reaches both established collectors and a young audience interested in art.

The artworks exhibited attest to relevance and contemporaneity: strong young positions and established contemporary artists will be presented alongside works of classical modernism, discarding outdated categorizations and instead opening new perspectives.

This year, around 70 exhibitors will be showing their most prominent artistic positions. The galleries include newcomers and galleries who have been working for many years.

Thu 14 SEP 2017
2—6pm Professional Preview (with invitation only or by accreditation)
6—10pm Opening (Admission 6 Euro)

Fri 15 SEP 2017
12am—1pm VIP hour (with invitation only or by accreditation)

Sat 16 SEP 2017
12am—1pm VIP hour (with invitation only or by accreditation)

Talks and Performances
15—17 SEP 2017

Kunstpreis der Berlin Hyp
Art Award Ceremony
17 SEP, 1pm

Berlin Hyp-Preis 2016
PETER RUEHLE - "Die Enden der Hyperbel"
29 JUN— 27 OKT 2017
Mon—Fri 10am—6pm
Berlin Hyp (Foyer),  Budapester Str. 1, 10787 Berlin

für Nachwuchsfotografie
Art Award Ceremony
16 SEP, 6pm

Participating galleries:  55 Limited Berlin, Galerie 100 Kubik Köln, Galerie aKonzept Berlin, Galerie Albrecht Berlin, Galerie Judith Andreae Bonn, Apteka Sztuki Warschau, Aquabitart Gallery Berlin, Galerie Art Cru Berlin, Assembly Gallery Poznan, Galerie Bart Nijmegen/Amsterdam, Bart Gallery Köln, Galerie & Edition Bode Nürnberg/Daegu, Galerie Born Berlin/Darss, Bräuning Contemporary Hamburg, Brennecke Fine Art Berlin, Brouwer Edition Darmstadt, Galerie Burster Berlin, C&K Galerie Berlin, Galerie Commeter | Galerie Persiehl & Heine Hamburg, Contour Art Gallery Vilnius, Christopher Cutts Gallery Toronto, Galerie Horst Dietrich Berlin, Galerie Robert Drees Hannover, Drei Ringe Leipzig, Dr. Julius | ap Berlin, Galerie Eigenheim Berlin/Weimar, Frantic Gallery Tokio, Galerie Thomas Fuchs Stuttgart, Galerie Gerken Berlin, Gräfe Art Concept Berlin, Galerie Greulich Frankfurt am Main, Kunsthandel Ralph R. Haugwitz Berlin, Galerie Ernst Hilger Wien, Hollstein von Mueller Galerie Hamburg, Holthoff-Mokross Galerie Hamburg, Galerie Hübner & Hübner Frankfurt am Main, Jarmuschek+Partner Berlin, Kaplanon Galleries Athen, Galerie Kleindienst Leipzig, Galerie Anja Knoess Köln, Galerie Inga Kondeyne - Raum für Zeichnung Berlin, Galerie Kremers Berlin, Galerie Kunst2 Heidelberg, Lachenmann Art Konstanz, Galerie Ulf Larsson Köln, Galerie Leuenroth Frankfurt am Main, Lorch+Seidel Contemporary Berlin, Galerie Reinhold Maas Reutlingen, Maksla XO Riga, Marke.6 Weimar, Maus Contemporary Birmingham, Gallery Meno Nisa Vilnius, Gallery Meno Parkas Kaunas, Galerie Martin Mertens Berlin, Mianki.Gallery Berlin, Galerie Nivet-Carzon Paris, Oechsner Galerie Nürnberg, Galerie Oqbo Berlin, Kunsthandlung Osper Köln, Galerie Peters-Barenbrock Ahrenshoop, Polarraum Hamburg, Galerie Poll Berlin, Galerie Nanna Preußners Hamburg, Projekteria (Art Gallery) Barcelona, Peter C. Schlüschen - Preis für Sportfotografie Aach, Schmalfuss Berlin – Contemporary Fine Arts Berlin, Galerie Schwarz Greifswald, Senso Art Gallery Bukarest, Galerie Sievi Berlin, Galerie Heike Strelow Frankfurt am Main, Galerie Supper Baden-Baden, Galerie Tammen & Partner Berlin, Stiftung Telefonseelsorge Berlin Berlin, Tsekh Gallery Kiev/Vilnius, Galerie Vijion Ortisei, Galerie Von&Von Nürnberg, Galerie Max Weber Six Friedrich München, Westphal Berlin Berlin, Michael J. Wewerka Berlin, Whiteconcepts Berlin, White Square Gallery Berlin, Wichtendahl Galerie Berlin, Galerie Wolfstaedter Frankfurt am Main, Zellermayer Galerie Berlin


Thu, 14 Sep, 18.00h22.00h
14 Sep 201717 Sep 2017
Arena Berlin
Eichenstraße 4
12435 Berlin

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