Points of view

Guy Tillim - Points of View

"I saw the cities (…) as a giant puzzle. My plan, to photograph small pieces at a time and put them together to create a portrait, soon seemed pointless in the face of the city's infinite impulses that could not be contained in a manner of my liking. I couldn't see everything and be everywhere."

Guy Tillim returns for Points of View to the city of Johannesburg which he last photographed a decade ago. At that time, Johannesburg offered a provocation to Tillim’s understanding of documentary photography and debates around representing a politically contested landscape. More recently, the artist has been increasingly interested in notions of judgment and control around image-making. His critical view now also expands from Johannesburg to the Addis Ababa.

Sat, 29 Aug, 19.00h
29 Aug 201510 Oct 2015

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