Teuri Haarla

„In January 2012, I thought that I had already solved all the major problems of my life.
Then suddenly my mother got demented and soon she died. Then happened "this", what is seen in the picture. What this man is doing? Now I know the answer: He penetrates through the barrier, And the Beauty, i.e. the paradisal breast meadows are inside the Beast.
But the latest surprise has been this:
 Nucleus, the now clear nuclear of Biodrunk, is SOBER. Solid and sober, but liquid, like frozen.
This was the reason why I had to build, alone, this Plantheon Tower, 17 meters BIO HIGH: This is the power plant of present now.
From the softened soils of human humus memory, by itself It Self grows. Now so humid and humble and a bit humorous too are my soils of memory, because so full filled now with your prime slime humours of living waters. By itself It Self grows, That is spiritus fortis vegetativus."

Teuri Haarla (b.1955 in Finland) is a self-taught artist.
 Haarla started working with his „Earthworm gardens and fields"
 in 1986 and he is one of the first ecological bio-artists in Finland. 
A vital part of Haarla ́s work is his selfmade meditation technique, which he calls "Biodrunk".

Fri, 15 Apr, 18.00h
15 Apr 201624 Apr 2016

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