Pirating Presence: Eine Aneignung der Aneignung

Margret Eicher Lob der Malkunst 2, 2018 Digitale Montage/Jacquard 240 x 360 cm Courtesy of the artist

In art, “appropriation“ signifies an artistic action of “confiscation“. Appropriation Art around 1980 marked a fundamental difference to the meaning of appropriation in modern times. Afterwards, post-modern appropriation was not understood as “mimetic imitation”, but as an (often photo-technical) artistic process of copying or reproducing, in which an object (whether visual, physical or theoretical,) inclusive of its reception-history, is medially appropriated. In the exhilarated present that is forgetful of history, a certain arbitrariness towards the definition of appropriation seems to reappear. In this contemporary diversity, parallel approaches to pre-modernism, modernism and post-modernism are applied. The seven featured artists engage with these themes in various ways in their exhibition at Haus am Lützowplatz.

With works by Margret Eicher, Adi Hoesle, Isabel Kerkermeier, Stefan Römer, Heidi SillSusanne Wehr, Toni Wirthmüller.

Fri, 22 Jun, 19.00h
23 Jun 20185 Aug 2018

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