Performance 'French Kiss MIDNIGHT CHECK OUT 4/4 with Enya'

 Counter clockwise from top: Dani Ploeger, Curver Thoroddsen, Aram Bartholl & Alanna Lawley

Import Projects invites you to join the CHECK OUT event series. On four evenings, the happenings will reflect on contemporary authorship and authority. Installations, performances, discussions and a workshop will explore themes and puns such as Platform Capitalism vs. Sharing Economy, Mediation vs. Meditation, Self-Checkout vs. Obsession, Terror vs. Revolution.

For his ongoing installation project Aram Bartholl collects different objects and materials of the contemporary commerce and public space to rearrange them at the exhibition space. The elements refer to radical shifts in markets, rising control and a life under the influence of constantly improved algorithms, startup pressure and 'bullshit jobs'. Over the period of the exhibition the installation is rearranged and changes in dialogue with the audience. Dani Ploeger will present work that emerged from a journey across Europe to examine the recent (re-)militarization of civilian spaces as part of digital culture. A collection of three pieces engages with ways in which firearms and other means of ‘low-tech’ violence persist amidst contemporary obsessions with data surveillance, cybercrime, and high-tech warfare. This winter, Alanna Lawley explores the notion of winter depression through her artist in residency in Iceland. ‚Saunatorium’ is an experimental beginning to her research – a group of sauna steam tents installed inside the gallery invite visitors to physical and emotional detoxification. With an increasing awareness of the necessity to address the lack of psychological security within our culture, and the impact of our environment on our well being, Lawley will investigate the potential of an architecture as an alternative healing modality.The audio/visual art project ‚French Kiss With Enya pt. 1’ by Curver Thoroddsen examines the effect and aura of 90’s ethereal pop icon Enya in popular culture. Led by Icelandic multidisciplinary artist Curver Thoroddsen and curator Nadim Samman the project mixes music, visuals and sensory inputs from a selection of Icelandic artists and scholars including members of Sigur Rós.

Program Overview:
'French Kiss with Enya', a performance by Curver Thoroddsen and participatory installation 'Saunatorium' by Alanna Lawley, Installations and films by Aram Bartholl and Dani Ploeger 

French Kiss with Enya pt. 1
Audio-visual performance by Curver Thoroddsen 

‚French Kiss With Enya’ is an audio/visual art project manifested in three distinct parts over a year in three different cities; Berlin, Reykjavík and London. Led by Icelandic multidisciplinary artist Curver Thoroddsen and curator Nadim Samman the project sets out to examine pop icon Enya and her influences in todays popular culture and unspoken, almost taboo-like cult following in closed musical circles. 90’s visuals and imagery rich in Enya's ethereal artistic aura are fused with skewed musical exploration and didactic interviews with scholars and self described Enya-fairies make up the first part of the trilogy debuted in Berlin. 

Participatory installation by Alanna Lawley 

‚Saunatorium’, is an open invitation to Import Project's visitors to physically and emotionally detoxify inside the gallery. A period of isolation within public space and an awkward interaction with those who have also chosen to experience the treatment becomes an uncomfortable, comedic spectacle. Playing with the uncertainty of what could be a healing, transformative experience and the awkward, performative nature of self-care in public, the piece raises questions about our sense of self within space. 

Sat, 27 Jan, 20.00h22.00h
27 Jan 2018

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