Patrick Brandt /// Time Captives & Time Captains

Patrick Brandt - Time Captives Follow The Stars On Dark Cloudy Nights

Patrick Brandt reacts to how information is transmitted in today's media. He does this by using newspapers from the first half of the twentieth century, when printed news was the primary method of news distribution, and the formation of what we describe now as mass media.
By turning antique newspapers into modern day art, spaces of time and identity are intertwined, and the original content and meaning is lost. By removing the pictorial quality of the images, a new space of meaning is defined, in which narratives of emancipation and withdrawal can exist, layers of memory and past patterns of experience are fragmented, and the concept of the past, present and future is repealed.

Fri, 5 Sep, 20.00h
6 Sep 20147 Sep 2014

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