Jenny Brillhart. Courtesy Kuckei + Kuckei, Berlin

Jenny Brillhart´s work is concerned with a dialogue between made and found spaces and forms, and their relationship to place, structure and organization. she uses traditional methods of still life, studio practice, photography and paint to inform each object or painting, bringing to it a new history and diary of existence, and then proposing to forward that record to future, unknown contexts. With her current show Overcast, Brillhart continues to contemplate overlooked, discarded and visceral objects. Here they are rendered in oil, in a frank and traditional manner, stressing a narrative setting. Material inserts itself into this narrative, as abiding structure and support. The obvious imagery of a small town dump married with an internal, interior process and studio materials presents a contradiction.

Linienstr. 107/108, D - 10115 Berlin

Sat, 17 Oct, 19.00h
17 Oct 201519 Dec 2015

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