One stone drops into two ponds

20170618_172539 © Christin Bolte

They were on the verge of a kind of change
Performative Installation

Consistent situation. Entities collide, superimposing one over another, yet varying inescapably. It’s been somewhere else before, but here it now rests. Time is muted but then it's not, it exhales. Every thing is permeable. Moments resonate and the soft inner sides of a finger grope into darkness. A heavy glance drifts by, and then slips away. Light beams fall unconsciously. Texts and textiles weep uncontrollably. I feel you, they say in their mind. They look at you, and yet they mean the floor. A three-day performative installation at Acud Studio.

Artists: Amanda Elena Conrad (Sculptor); Anna Gien (Author); Cristina Nyffer (Stage Designer); Beate Kaulitz (Dancer); Ultraviolett (Sound) among other artist
Concept and Artistic Direction: Christin Bolte
Curated by: Christin Bolte, Mieke Bohl

Thu, 14 Sep, 19.00h
15 Sep 201717 Sep 2017

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