Nova Scotia

Jessica Harrison, Royal Doulton Figurine Happy Anniversary HN4606-MIB, 2016, Found ceramic and glaze, 22.5x17x12cm.

In collaboration with the mayor art institution the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, HilbertRaum is presenting new positions in Scottish sculpture to the Berlin audience.

In all the artist's on show, one can see a highly skilful use of their chosen materials and techniques, but also a playful awareness of the place of art in society and its relationship to design and luxury consumption. In their own different ways, all the artists take a decidedly political stance to the world around them and its workings. Their strategies of disruption and critique are as subtle and refined as they are refreshing.

Artists: Jessica Harrison, Bernie Reid, Yokollection (Alexa Hare and Francesca Nobilucci)

Thu, 13 Oct, 18.00h22.00h
13 Oct 20166 Nov 2016

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