Noble Surface

Alex Lebus, Innere Kratzung leuchtorange, 2017

When asked in an interview about the construction of reality and how to deal with “reality”, philosopher and physician Heinz von Foerster answered: “Where is reality? Can you show it to me?”

Likewise Amelie Grözinger and Alex Lebus, two artists living in Berlin, question “reality” in their exhibition Noble Surface, which cannot be defined as such and manifests itself in the possibilities of different realities.

The title of the exhibition Noble Surface contains ambivalence. It suggests a high degree of industrial character, efficiency, luster, appearance and perfection. This assumption is first confirmed: Minimalist, cool and clear are Lebus' mirror works and Grözinger's folding works made of silver paper, that structure the gallery space.  But it is deceptive. The eyes of the artists are sharpened for the disagreement and for the deconstruction of the normal.

The exhibition is a mirror of our own. In exchange, the two artists present a current inventory: We write algorithms that we can no longer read. We create something that is unreadable every day. We rely on our perception and accustomed narrations. We click through realities, illusions and surfaces, lose ourselves in chaos and complexity. When do we begin to lose control? Where is reality?

In cooperation with Eigen und Art Lab.

Wed, 31 May, 18.00h21.00h
31 May 201729 Jul 2017

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