Neunau (live) + Aerodynamika / DJ set

Julian Weber, constructing ruins (keeping it wet), 2015. Foto: Julian Weber

As a part of the exhibition 'AAArchitecture #9: Julian Weber: constructing ruins' District Berlin is hosting Neunau (live) + Aerodynamika /DJ set with Dimitry Paranyushkin.

Dmitry Paranyushkin is a Special Agent. Using network polysingularity as a methodology he is exploring the Plans B and C in a variety of mediums and contexts: from internet entrepreneurship, life sciences and software development to music, performing and visual arts. Born in 1981 in Moscow, he currently lives between Russia, Berlin and Paris. He studied Economics in Moscow and Biology / Life Sciences in Paris.

The Earth was covered by ice and the landscape was that of an immense frozen desert. Boulders, rocks and sand were brought downstream by the slow invasion of the glaciers and crushed by their enormous weight, forging even harder rock in turn. Neunau draws inspiration from this natural phenomena, sculpting his indelible, ritualistic and furious expression into the materials themselves to the rhythm of an incessant heartbeat.

The study of oscillatory patterns of movement in non-equilibrium states. Polysingular rhythmical structures. Primitive cosmology. Resident of the Local Prophets, 3AM, and the Special Agency. 78-150 bpm, 40-150 Hz.

Wed, 23 Mar, 21.00h

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