Nepantla Bibliothek #6: Nepantla for Writing Practice: Gloria Anzaldúa's autohistoria and shaman-poetic-aesthetics

EL BOUM, Nepantla Bibliothek, 2019.

Workshop with Juliana Villegas

Through an overview of “Mestiza” texts and writing practice, this workshop will provide a welcoming space to practice mixed genre writing for self-knowledge and creative expression.  First there will be an introductory talk to bring us together in the foundations of intuitive knowledge and storytelling. Then we will engage in holistic writing exercises to tap into relational narratives, both individual and social, and, “...shift out of habitual formations” (101).  We will discuss the resonant and profound impact of practicing autohistoria and ways to sustain and deepen writing practice in daily life. Bring your writing tools (journals/pens or technology writing tools) and come with an open mind and heart to experience the healing benefits of writing. In this workshop, you may write in any language, or multiple languages, all are welcome!

hosted by District at Salon der Amerika-Gedenkbibliothek, Blücherplatz 1, 10961 Berlin

Sun, 16 Feb, 14.00h16.00h
16 Feb 2020

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