Molly Jo Shea: Alraune

Photo credit: Evans Vestal Ward

Horse & Pony is pleased to announce Alraune, a solo exhibition with Los Angeles-based artist Molly Jo Shea. As part of the B-LA Connect project space exchange, an initiative building links between the independent scenes in Berlin and Los Angeles, we're happy to be partnering with Adjunct Positions, an artist-run project space located in Highland Park.

Molly Jo Shea, an artist and performer living in Los Angeles, is creating a body of work surrounding the terrifying folklore of the Mandrake Root for her show at Horse & Pony. Deemed the first genetic engineering horror story, the mandrake (or Alraune), history is more relevant now than ever, since news that the first human children have been CRISPR edited. In an immersive performance, Molly will be using special effects makeup to transform into the role of the witch-like creature who creates the Alraune, performed by Carrie McIlwain. Also traveling with her to Berlin will be her brood of root-like ceramics to be unearthed, feared, and smoked from.
B-LA CONNECT is a platform to promote the cooperation and interlinking between the two sister cities’ creative communities. See more info here

Mandrake Ceremony by Molly Jo Shea & Carrie McIlwain at 20h
On view Saturdays 12-16h and by appointment

Fri, 7 Jun, 17.00h22.00h
8 Jun 201923 Jun 2019

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