mision mischen 88 

KuLe stands for art and life. Since 1990 the house at Auguststraße in Berlin-Mitte is used as a living and working space by an artist community with many guests.

A new comprehensive book (revolver publishing) documents the unusual history of this projects in its urban context. The facade gallery and the rooms on the ground level are used for public presentations but also for internal use. Several series of events exist with their own profile (for example, Labor Sonor and M.I/mi1glissé).

For Art Week HeikeMaria unVORStellBAR curates the group exhibition 'mision mischen 88 with installations, performances, screenings and concerts in the gallery, theatre, historical bakery and at the facade.

Artists: Clozi Wildner, Franz F. Hugo, Friedel Kantaut, HeikeMaria unVORStellBAR, Henrik Ken, Karina Amazona, Rainer Wieczorek, Richard Rabensaat, Sarah Teichmann, Thomas Kleinschmidt, Thomas Richartz, Thomas Reimann, Uwe Möllhusen, Viola Wandrey, Weiyi Xu, Coresvideo, G.roupO.noff, till van tast, Weltausstellung. Kuratiert von HeikeMaria unVORStellBAR


Group show with events
10—17 SEP 2016, 16-21 daily, 16 SEP, 13-16

13 SEP, 16-21

Sat, 10 Sep, 16.00h
10 Sep 201617 Sep 2016

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